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Asbestos Testing Sydney

Asbestos Testing Sydney

Asbestos Testing Professionals in Sydney

If you live in Sydney and suspect you have asbestos in your property, Ademco Solutions can give you a fast and dependable answer after professional testing. We provide end-to-end asbestos services, from essential asbestos removal to testing. As a local company, we pride ourselves on our quality and speedy services. We are fully licensed and equipped with state-of-the-art sample testing techniques. 

At Ademco Solutions, we put your health and safety first. Our highly skilled professionals conduct testing services quickly and efficiently for your peace of mind. Asbestos was a widely used building material throughout Australia during the 20th century. Older homes will likely contain asbestos in the walls, flooring, and roofing. Are you renovating an old house? It would be best to be careful not to expose yourself to asbestos. Our testing services will give you peace of mind that you live in an asbestos-free area.

Benefits of Professional Asbestos Testing in Sydney

It is estimated that almost a third of all homes built in Australia contain asbestos. Therefore, the house you own or the property you want to purchase is highly likely to contain life-threatening asbestos. Thanks to Ademco Solutions, you no longer have to put yourself or your loved ones at risk. Testing for asbestos is the surest way of confirming its presence in the safest way possible. Our team has all the answers for you regarding asbestos testing in Sydney. 

An asbestos test lets you plan and maintain a safe environment for your family and tenants and protect your investment. Do you plan to buy a home? Once your property has undergone asbestos testing, we will provide a report detailing whether asbestos was detected. A visual asbestos inspection helps you make informed decisions and understand any additional costs that might arise as a result of the presence of asbestos. 

Asbestos Testing Sydney
Asbestos Testing Sydney

Your Reliable Expert for Asbestos Testing in Sydney

Disturbing asbestos materials can be a potential health risk. Exposure to asbestos does not lead to immediate symptoms. However, it can cause severe damage to your body over time, leading to life-threatening illnesses. That is why we recommend using our professional asbestos testing and inspection services whenever you suspect asbestos on your property in Sydney. We can help you prevent the harmful effects that asbestos exposure causes. 

When you contact us, a professional team will visit your site to extract a sample large enough for testing while keeping the area surrounding the removed material safe to prevent the dispersion of any potential fibers. We will assess your property’s interior, exterior, and outdoor spaces and take a range of samples for testing purposes. When taking the samples for testing, we will advise on the condition of the material in question. This report is crucial when renovating, as it is a supporting document in real estate transactions and other trade services. 

Do you want to arrange a quote for asbestos testing in Sydney? Call us today, and we will deliver the report within the shortest time possible.